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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • Ancho Chili Snickerdoodles

    If there’s one thing we really enjoy doing with food, it’s making something familiar just a little bit more new and exciting; and that’s something I think we’ve really accomplished with this recipe. Anchos lend a warmth and a smoky/sweet complexity to this classic cookie which makes them even more addictive for people with less […]

  • Whiskey Caramel Ice Cream

    After deciding to make caramel ice cream on a whim, I discovered that almost every recipe for it online was a custard base, which irritated me. I don’t have anything against custard ice creams, I swear; I just don’t want to go through the trouble of making them at home. I don’t know what it […]

  • Pasta al Fumo

    The name of this recipe means “smoky pasta” in Italian, and it hails from the Cortona region of Italy. A friend told me about this recipe years ago since his family is originally from Cortona, and one day I decided to try to make it, only to discover that there was not a lot of […]

  • Hungarian Nut Sticks

    Unfortunate name. Incredible cookie. View fullsize This is one of the oldest recipes passed down through my family. It’s one of the few holiday cookies I can remember my Nana teaching me how to make, step by step, along with gingerbread, and it just isn’t the holiday season for our family without these cookies. I’m […]

  • Thai Pot Pie

    This creation is simply a hybrid of two of our favorite things to eat during the winter months: chicken pot pie and Thai coconut curry. Making it can be a bit of a labor of love but, in my opinion, it’s a perfect sleepy Sunday project that will feed you handsomely for several days afterward. […]

  • Mekelesha Pumpkin Pie

    I became enamored with Ethiopian food earlier in the year, and for months afterward, I played with one of its mother spice blends extensively: mekelesha. Mekelesha isn’t very well known to most American cooks. It can be rather tricky to use: it isn’t spicy, or even savory, and yet it is still utilized in so […]

  • Chicken Lionhead Meatball Soup

    I’m so tired, you guys. I really am. I must confess: blog testing has gone a bit to the wayside recently. After experiencing a string of failures for recipes that I was sure were going to work, I got a little discouraged. Then the weather got colder, and it just became so much easier to […]

  • Apple Pie Ice Cream

    I love pie. Nate does not. Even though he’s wrong, I’ve grown to accept it over the course of our relationship. He’ll eat it a la mode on holidays even if it isn’t his cup of tea, but recently I stumbled upon a rather interesting compromise: Nate actually really enjoys pie as long as it’s […]

  • Singapore Noodles with Lots and Lots of Vegetables

    Each bite of these noodles is just a little bit different, ranging from deeply savory to bright and sweet, all thanks to its star ingredients: so so many damn vegetables. If you ever want to trick someone into eating more veggies, this is the recipe to do it. Everything is cut to be long and […]