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  • Hearty Tomato & Orange Chowder

    This recipe is based on a soup that I remember loving as a kid, commonly known as Mama Leone’s Chicken Soup. It always seemed to be available in grocery stores, so I ate it a lot on the many road trips my family made, especially when we travelled to Eugene, Oregon. I had a recent […]

  • Fried Bread Scramble

    Something delicious often comes forward when you believe, at first, that you have nothing. The core inspiration behind this breakfast is mimicking chilaquiles, which is an ingenious way to dispose of stale tortillas, but I just used the same idea and applied it to what I had lying around that day, which happened to be […]

  • Pasta in Fresh Tomato and Butter Sauce

    If you’ve got your shit together, this pasta sauce is ready in 10 minutes. The bones of this sauce are based on Marcella Hazan’s amazing tomato sauce, but just because it’s me, I’m impatient and seem to have an affinity for tossing all my problems into a blender until they’re nice and smooth and unrecognizable. […]

  • Brown Sugar Coffee Ice Cream

    #newyearnewme! Barf. Make some damn ice cream. This one ought to wake you up from any pipe dreams you might have that you’ll be able to subsist on kale, quinoa, and good vibes for the next 12 months. Happy New Year, kids. 2 cups heavy cream 1 cup whole milk ¾ cup dark brown sugar […]

  • Butter Bean and Kale Soup with White Miso

    It’s getting cold, kids. Real cold. Portland has been plunging pretty regularly into the low thirties recently, and how have Nate and I been dealing with it? We’ve been baking bread (duh), playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (new DLC, baby), and making a lot of soup, including this nifty riff on […]

  • Tom Kha Teacups

    Autumn is just around the corner, and you know what that means? Soup weather. We are gonna be making many different kinds of broths as much as we can to create some luscious soups and braises as the impeding doom and gloom settles just outside our window, and to start, we decided to give you […]

  • Fish Tacos with Late Summer Salsa

    “What grows together goes together.” It’s a well known saying that we couldn’t agree with more, and it was the first thing that popped into our heads on our most recent trip to Sauvie Island. We had gone to pick peaches, but due to the erratic weather in one of the most uncharacteristic summers we’ve […]

  • Strawbanero Sorbet

    Sorbet gets a bad rap. “Why would you want to eat that when you could have ice cream?” “That‘s gross, no thanks. I’ll take the good stuff.” “Aww, I’m sorry that’s all they have for you…” Rude. I’m going to make something clear here. If you think that sorbet is gross, it’s because all the […]